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Vikings - 2.07 - Blood Eagle

I hate giving my opinion, but I’m going to do it anyways.

That being said - I do respect everyone’s right to an opinion, so with that in mind - here goes.

I don’t think this scene was at all “rapey”.  I think there’s better words to describe this scene.  For instance, the sex was aggressive and rough.  In the heat of the moment, he became angered by his thoughts.  *shrugs*  He chose to choke her as a method of fear - and succeeded, sort of, though she did bounce right back up again like nothing had happened - But yea, I don’t think he was going to go full on death grip.  You guys have to understand (which I assume you do, cause you guys are smart), Rollo was pissed off at the woman who he had given his heart to in the last couple of episodes - only to find out she had betrayed him by sleeping around with Horik.  Also, you have to keep in mind, this new Rollo has stopped sleeping around with other woman - from what we’ve been shown so far - so in a way, he expects the same from her.  Which is ironic coming from him, cause he got a piece of his own medicine!  HA!  Come to think of it - Siggy probably had that in mind when she slept with Horik; Rollo wont mind he always sleeps around with other woman. Eye for an eye.  They’re both even - Rollo and Siggy.

Also, I’m not trying to justify the hurting of the female characters - I don’t like that - but that being said there have been parallels (in a way) with Lagertha and Ragnar being agressive/rough with each other in past arguments.  This isn’t new in the Vikings’ world.

Anywho.  *End of opinion*

P.S.  What’s the design of Siggy’s back tattoo?  a Snake??

3b best of: Derek Hale.





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