Psych Ward || James & Anna

Anna was worried. She thought she knew the patient, ‘James Song’. Well… the name sounded familiar. Well, not only the worry of knowing but this was her first real patient with this new job.

When she entered the room, she realized she didn’t know him. He probably just had one of those faces…

She forced herself to smile at him, “Mr. Song, I am your nurse. You can call me Miss Beodwulf or Anna, whichever you prefer.” Anna started to look at his charts.

Mark Gatiss as Mr Jackson in Cleaning Up [x]

(Source: enigmaticpenguinofdeath)


apathetic demon!Dean who discards all the human feelings once he turns like love… and love

demon!Dean who quickly loses interest in everything and gets bored while sitting on his throne in Hell on top of a pile of tortured souls

demon!Dean whose eyes glint for the first time in centuries when he…